This is me.

My name is Nikolas Klein and I always loved playing games but wondered what the magic behind the moving pixels was.
This is why I started to learn how to make games. Not only programming, but also art, shaders and so much more!
I am excited like a little child about what is to come in the future!
M Y   F A V O U R I T E   G A M E S
Ask me about Bioshock and I can tell you loads of cool stuff I experienced in that game. From battling Big Daddys over saving Little Sisters to finding out about the origins of Splicers, the game is overall super fun!

S T A R   W A R S   B A T T L E F R O N T
As stunning and technically advanced as the new versions of this game are, this one is the OG! - and picking my favourite Star Wars - game was actually really hard...
But Star Wars Battlefront 1 was the first real shooter I played in my young years and stuck with me for a long time.
Running around as a Stormtrooper or fighting as Darth Vader are some of my best and most beloved childhood memories when it comes to gaming!