This is me.
My name is Nikolas Klein and I always loved playing games but wondered what the magic behind the moving pixels was.
This is why I started to learn how to make games. Not only programming, but also art, shaders and so much more!
I am excited like a little child about what is to come in the future!
M Y   F A V O U R I T E   G A M E S
Ask me about Bioshock and I can tell you loads of cool stuff I experienced in that game. From battling Big Daddys over saving Little Sisters to finding out about the origins of Splicers, the game is overall super fun!

S T A R   W A R S   B A T T L E F R O N T
As stunning and technically advanced as the new versions of this game are, this one is the OG! - and picking my favourite Star Wars - game was actually really hard...
But Star Wars Battlefront 1 was the first real shooter I played in my young years and stuck with me for a long time.
Running around as a Stormtrooper or fighting as Darth Vader are some of my best and most beloved childhood memories when it comes to gaming!

O T H E R   W E I R D   ( A N D   A L S O   N O T   S O   W E I R D )   S T U F F   I   D O
W A R H A M M E R :   A G E   O F   S I G M A R
One of the weirdest hobbies I pursue (I don't think it is weird but many others do) is painting the miniatures of and playing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. There is just something about the universe it is set in that I love and the constant updates and new additions make it hard to stop the hobby!
Current favorite army/race: NIGHTHAUNT

L E A R N I N G   A   L O T
I am always out to learn new stuff. This ranges from learning how to improve my code to be neater and nicer to read, faster and easier workflows or even getting to know new people and experience their opinions and views on things - I am always curious and out there to learn!

E V E R Y T H I N G   S T A R   W A R S
From filming Fan-videos as a child, to reading hours after hours about background lore, I love learning new things about the Star Wars - lore! And don't tell anyone, but in my heart, I am a man of the Empire!