My responsibilities: , UI ArtistTechnical Artist
Tools: Photoshop
This is the first video game that I ever made and FINISHED!
My role was to make ALL the sprites, some of the GUI and design a lot of features.
It was a collaboration between Ben and me.
This project was started in 2013 but was put on halt for a lot of times (due to other things that had to be done). In 2016, we then decided that we wanted to finish this project and put it up on Steam.
Some of its features are:
- Sandbox, open-world (do what you want, whenever you want, no straight line campaign or mission!)
- Full inventory and looting system
- Full wilderness system, skin animals to get food and leather
- Use various traps to capture various animals!
- Zombies with fully working AI
- Visit bandit camps which will react to you by your reputation standing to them, you can also trade with them
- Crafting system
- Skill tree system
- Line of sight system
- Unique Animation system
- Cut limbs off of Enemies
- Wear anything available in any combination
- Survive with your own Dog
- Story Mode, Stories of others and maybe how your character got where he is
- Tutorial - learn the game in a safe environment

- Co-op, survive with up to 4 people, same as Single Play but with friends
- Multiplayer, survive in a world populated by users, work together or fight against each other
- Periodic (?) playable stories, follow the story of various survivors across many episodes as they try to survive
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