When I find some free time, I love to come up with unique and weird ideas and prototype them. Sometimes I do them alone, sometimes I get myself some help. Beneath, you can find some of the prototypes I did!
T H E   L E G E N D   O F   @
 My responsibilities: 2D Artist, Systems Designer, Level Designer
Tools: Unity3D, Photoshop
The Legend of @ is a love letter from Ben and me to Roguelikes!
We wanted to combine the old look of the games with something fresh - a 3D perspective!
It will feature randomly generated structures and a variety of different locations (think dungeons, woods, towns, etc.)!
Please keep in mind that the project is a prototype and at a very early stage of WORK IN PROGRESS!
Made by: Nikolas Klein
 My responsibilities: UI Desinger
Tools: Adobe XD
'TASKER' is a mobile app mockup. The concept of the app is being a task management software designed to make project management for game companies more playful. It features a Backlog System, Completed Quests, Active Quests, Raids and a System to Collect Points which you can spend on Rewards.
Take a look at the Screenshots below or dowload the Adobe XD - File HERE.
S T A R   W A R S :   B A T T L E F R O N T   2   -   D E M A K E
Made by: Nikolas Klein
Tools: Unity3D, Photoshop
This prototype project was created during the Demake JAM.
Goal of the Jam was to take a modern title and demake it in the style of a retro project.
Because of lacking time, I was not able to create a lot for it, but I managed to create the Spawn Screen from 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' (by EA DICE).
The sprites were taken from mudkat101. He created a whole bunch of custom Star Wars sprites!
Below is a gif showing off the menu, maybe I will create actual gameplay when there is time for it!
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