These are some substances I created within Substance Designer!
I wanted to take a look at the Allegorithmic Suite for quite some time already and finally got my hands on it to try it out.
My main intention when creating them was something I do quite often! I always awnt to see how easy it was for me to pick
up a new software package and create something useable out of it.

What can I say more? I love the node-based approach the tool takes and also the procedurality it offers!
Hi-Res images available at:
Substance #1 - Cracked Rocks
This is my very first substance material. I always loved the randomness of rocks and stones, so I wanted to try it out and also got to experiment with some basic shapes inside of the tool! The result definetely isn't the best, but I am still quite happy to see what the package offers, even for beginners!
Substance #2 - Broken Brick Floor
I liked the feature of scalability that Designer offered, so I experimented a bit more with it and came to this result! The material itself can be reduced or increased in amount of bricks per meter and the dirt layer can also be changed to fit different settings! Another material that came out in this experiment is Substance #4!
Substance #3 - Dirt Ground
For this substance, I took another approach! I wanted to do something different than rocks and tried something more organic.
This Dirt Ground is supposed to be used in some kind of forest-scene for parts that have sticks and leaves on them! The Material itself looks best when being lighted with a green-ish light (as you can see in picture 5)!
Substance #4 - Brick Pattern Floor
This is the second scalable material that came together when I tried scalable patterns (together with Substance #2)! This one reminds me a lot of a medieval road, but could use some dirt between the edges of the bricks!
Substance #5 - Trench Mud with Footprints
This one was quite difficult for me, since it was the first time I tried out liquids on a substance! I created a normal dirt material, added in fully customizable footprints (they were done with shapes, not bitmaps!) and then added in a layer for the liquid. I like it a lot actually and it reminds me of Battlefield 1's grounds (which is what I played in the time this came together).
Substance #6 - Brushed Copper
This substance is the last one I did for now. I wanted to do something completely different to what I did before, so I tried making a metal material. It features some scratches which you can increase or decrease and its roughness can be changed as well!
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