'The Thing in the Swamp' is a mobile Text Adventure. You are a new bounty hunter in the world of Sunken Hollow and have
to find out what strange happenings occur in the city. From a simple contract, you find out that what is happening is way
bigger than everything you have seen before - even bigger than the game itself...

This was my end project for the first semester in 'Code&Algorhythms I'.

Our task was to create a text adventure game. I wanted to push the task further and created a game which could also be played on a smartphone (only available for ANDROID unfortunately since I have no iOS Publishing license).
The theme of the game is based on old command consoles - so I limited myself to the colors that are available in the command prompt and also utilize animations of screens that get flooded with text to replicate hacking terminals (also some references like 'The BUG' are implemented).