// Adobe Photoshop:
- Mockups
- UI Elements
- Hand-drawn Textures
- 2D Sprites (Pixel & Hand-drawn)
// Adobe Illustrator:
- Create Vector Graphics (stylized)
// Adobe InDesign:
- Create Layouts
- Create Process Books
// Source Control (GitGui // Git Bash // GitKraken):
- Clean Branch Structure
- Correct Naming Conventions
- Fixing Merge Errors and similar Issues
// Autodesk Maya:
- 3D Modeling
- Retopologizing
- Keen eye for smooth Edge Flow
// Allegorithmic Substance Designer:
- Create realistic, tileable Materials in regards to performance
// Allegorithmic Substance Painter:
- Create realistic Textures in regards to performance
// Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material:
- Optimize Photo-Captures to achive most realistic appearance in regards to performance
// Unity (2017+):
- Intermediate Exprience
- Ability to create rapid, functional Prototypes
// Unreal Engine 4:
- Beginner Experience
- Basic Material Setup & Basic Blueprints Scripting
//GameMaker: Studio 1 & 2:
- Intermediate Experience
- Ability to create basic 2D Games and Prototypes
// UI Design:
- Create UI assets which are not overly distracting or confusing
- Build clear layouts (and rapid prototype-mockups) to deliver the essential informations
// Level Design:
- Build levels with a focus on performance (keeping memory budgets in mind)
- Take extensive reference to stay true to real-world proportions
// World Building:
- Create intriguing worlds in regards to exploration and storytelling
- Consider no place in a world less interesting than others and build out every part of a map
// Narrative Design:
- Write up quick concepts of stories
// Quest Design:
- Design extensive Quests
- Keep fairness and balance in mind while designing Quests
// Team Management:
- Provide clear team structures
- Give everybody in the team the same chance to utter feedback, criticism and suggestions 
- Keep the team spirit up at all times
// Project Management:
- Always try to keep on track while working on the project
- Integrate agile methodologies into the project to improve work
- Pay attention to (Sprint) deadlines, limitations and always stay in touch with Product Owners and     Stakeholders
// Python:
- Rapid prototyping
- Tool programming
// C#:
- Rapid game prototyping
- Unity Editor scripting 
- Extensive debugging
// JAVA:
- Basic prototyping